What is that one thing you know NEEDS TO GO?

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We’ve all got that one thing that needs to go. That one thing hanging around our necks like an albatross. It’s weight that once released, could change our lives.

The Chinese have Feng Shui, we have shows about hoarders. In the end, it’s all a means to the same end. How can you clear your space – physical and mental, to make room, not for something else to fill it, but to BE?

  • It’s a dress you’ve hung on to for too long. You think there will be an event, or that it’ll fit you better at some point, or that if you just find the right shoes…
  • It’s figurines or knickknacks you acquired from a late relative, or an old friend. Things that at some point probably meant a lot to someone, but all they’ve ever meant to you is clutter, and some level of guilt that they’re not your taste and you don’t want to display them, so they’re sitting in a box in a closet.
  • It’s a stack of books you’ve meant to read because you feel like you should, but know in your heart you never will.
  • It’s ingredients for a recipe you’re not terribly interested in ever tackling.
  • It’s old letters and cards from past significant others whom you spent a large part of your life with.
  • It’s baby toys your children haven’t played with for years.

Maybe It’s Not Tangible

  • It’s withholding forgiveness toward someone who wronged or hurt you 20 years ago.
  • It’s guilt about something you knew you should have done or said, but didn’t.
  • It’s shame about something you did in your past, and think that if anyone ever found out they’d surely not want you in their life anymore.
  • It’s a pile of regret over the things you’d always wanted to do, and never did.
  • It’s a dream that never came true, and at this point, you know never will.

Maybe You Think You Can’t Quit

  • It’s self-talk that diminishes you. You know it, yet you keep it up.
  • It’s an unhealthy relationship you know is destroying you, yet you can’t imagine not being in it.
  • It’s a habit that kills you a little every day. You won’t let yourself think about it for too long.
  • It’s a schedule you grind away at every day, week, month, year, and have convinced yourself you have no control over.

I love all things organization and simplification, and there is so much to be said for a good space clearing.

Take a good long look at those old boyfriend letters. Say good-bye to the past. You can’t lose the memories, but you can lose the “weight” that comes with letting go of the physical reminders you no longer need. You may really have loved that dress when you bought it, but looking at it now incites feelings of frustration either because you spent money on something you never wear, or you’re not in the shape you’d like to be, or it’s out of style now but you feel terrible about parting with something so expensive.

Once you let go of these things, you will forget about them almost immediately, and you’ll notice a physical weight lift off of you. It seems strange that clearing out clutter would make way for a “lightness” that you can actually feel. But stick with me. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll be surprised to find that it makes way for those intangible weights you’ve been carrying around for far too long.

It may seem strange that getting rid of old books you’ll never read means you may find it easier to forgive that bully from 8th grade, but you’d be surprised at the shift you’ll feel. Letting go of those things that no longer serve us allows us to look forward to new things. To create and plan and become excited about what the future holds.


Let me know what that ONE THING is that you know you’ve got to get rid of. What is the one thing that you struggle to part with but know you should? Do you know why you struggle?

2 thoughts on “What is that one thing you know NEEDS TO GO?

  1. Bad habits. That is the biggest thing I have a hard time letting go of. That and expectations. Perhaps you intended only tangible stuff clogging up our lives and, perhaps, the tangible is representative of the mental. My brain is a jumble sale and everything must go!

    1. You are 100% right. Tangible is representative of mental. So ask yourself – do you have any closets, drawers, cabinets, boxes of things that you know you should let go of? Your brain might let go once you get rid of some physical things. It’s crazy, and totally true.

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