All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Kate Spade Bags. Or Three.



Kate Spade

Christmas is two weeks from today. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY, PEOPLE! So many people are stressing and scrambling right now, trying to get all of their holiday to-do’s completed.

I feel like it’s so unfair when you ask someone what they want for Christmas, and they try to be humble and shy, and “I don’t know, I mean, whatever, you don’t have to get me anything, I can’t think of anything really, just anything, you know…” and that just makes it ten times harder to pick something.

This year, I am doing everyone a favor, and I’m helping to make you’re shopping EASY! I’m not going to hint around and pretend to be indecisive. I only have one thing on my wish list, and I have it pasted here, so you don’t have to waste time online or in malls, wondering what to get me.

Kate Spade

It comes in several colors, so if you don’t want to get this one, I’d be just as happy with another color. Like this one, perhaps…

Kate Spade blue

Or this one…

Kate Spade pink

I’ve included the web address, just to make it even easier.

If you’re still overwhelmed, I’ll accept cash. I’d be happy to go to Kate Spade and buy it myself. I’m awesome like that.

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