Time to paint the town pink!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so everyone will be painting the town pink, including me, my blog color will be pink for the month of October.

There is obviously a lot of pink merchandise sold every year at this time, and inevitably, some folks will grumble because sometimes no profits are going back to breast cancer research, and companies are just using “pink” to fool you into buying their product, thinking that you’re doing something for a cause. While I can understand the frustration, I’d like to offer you another perspective.

Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I love to see all the pink. I love to see all of that LOVE. People coming together in a show of solidarity to support breast cancer because it has touched virtually every single one of us. Please remember that though not every penny of pink merchandise being sold will be used in an honorable way, the fact that you buy or wear something pink because someone you care about has been through the battle, means a great deal to those “someones”.

Today, I will leave you with this. My husband made this welcome home…”presentation”? for me when I came home from my last reconstructive breast surgery.


The man has a good sense of humor.

Please remember to do your self exams every month, and if you haven’t had an annual checkup, make your appointment today!

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