Back to School – Moms, let’s give ourselves a break.

It’s that time of year where everyone is posting back to school pics of their gorgeous children on social media. Some Moms are so outstanding they lead up to the first day of school with “last day at the beach” and “back to school shopping” photo montages. The first day of school pics are perfect; great hair, new clothes, stiff backpack. Even signs to indicate their grade in school and what they want to be when they grow up. It’s all so much awesomeness! Well.. it would be awesome, if all that perfection were true.

What’s NOT in those pictures? Here are a couple of things I suspect:

  1. Getting them to take that stupid picture was like wrestling them into straight jackets.
  2. We fought with our darling children for 45 minutes about wearing those da*n outfits we bought them for their first day, knowing they’re too overpriced, too dressy and uncomfortable, and they’ll never wear them again.
  3. We love our children to death, but thank you God school is starting again (and wow, teachers do NOT get paid enough).
  4. They may or may not have gone to school with their teeth brushed. We can’t remember. Neither can they.
  5. It’s the first day so our kids are probably not going to get a mark today. We’re going to relish in it because it may be the only day this year.
  6. We might actually work out today, like we claim to every day. But TODAY it might be true.
  7. Just kidding. We’re going to take a nap.
  8. We’re going to get a shower AND shave our legs.
  9. Just kidding. We’re not taking a shower.
  10. And summer’s over, we’re not regularly shaving our legs again until May.

Happy start to a new school year! Let’s embrace the lost homework, forgotten assignments, rotten-lunch-in-the-back-of-the-locker-for-months, “get your butt out of bed” and “no way are you wearing that” mornings. And Moms, let’s give ourselves a break this year. They’ll get their teeth brushed on most days. Probably.


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