no reason to leave the house

There’s no reason to leave the house again.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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Apparently, there has been a Netflix type of company in existence for a little while now that I had knew nothing about. Except rather than recommend movies based off of your preferences, they send you wine!

The company is called Tasting Room (I am not an affiliate for them). How it works is that they send you wine based off of your personal wine profile. You start out by sampling the starter kit, and assess those wines on-line. Then, they start sending you wine (amount depends on your subscription), and they’ll adjust it as you continue to rate each bottle. That way, they can guarantee you’ll love every wine they send. If not, they’ll credit you for what didn’t hit the mark.

How have I not known about this, and further still, who are the geniuses who think this up?

There’s no reason to leave the house again.

I thought we were really on to something years ago with home gyms and VCR’s. Then came WiFi and the option to work from home.

Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, grocery stores that will deliver, and now online wine profiling; we have everything we need to make it possible to never leave our homes again.

I would say I’m afraid that I’ll never get out of my pajamas, but I’m not afraid of that at all. I love pajamas.

Skype me and we can have a Cabernet together.

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