The Secret to a Happy Marriage

How we communicate with our spouses is essential to a successful marriage. When we come to an impasse, what my husband and I have found works for us is to sit down together and make lists; pro/con, his choices/my choices, order of importance and the like.

We have never been to Europe, but have started planning and saving money for a trip. Because of the varied cultural offerings within each European country, it’s somewhat difficult to narrow it down to what country or countries you’d like to visit your first time. So we used our list process. We each wrote down our top three choices, and whatever country/countries were on both lists would be our winner(s). It went something like this:

Husband’s List

1. Ireland

2. Scotland

3. Austria

My List

1. France

2. Italy

3. Spain

Me: “So we’re going to France, then! “

Husband: “What was the point of this little exercise?”

Me: “To decide where we’re going in Europe.”

Secret to a happy marriage, my friends (we still haven’t gone to Europe).

2011-2014 1330

Us, not in Europe.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to a Happy Marriage

  1. Your lists are very interesting! It seems that your husband prefers colder countries, while you like the sunny ones. I could see it being difficult to find an agreement, but glad to see that you found a way of communicating that works for you! 🙂

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