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Ten Signs a Woman Is Raising a Preteen or Teenage Girl

My sister and I are only three years apart in age. I don’t remember a whole lot about our relationship back then, except that we fought a lot, and between the two of us, had a whole truckload of teen angst. At the time, being at the stage of life we were in, we didn’t give any thought to what my parents were

feeling. Now that I am a parent (nice job, Karma), I know why my Mom started drinking wine from a box in the fridge as soon as she came home from 8:00 Mass.

Ladies, if any of you are currently raising preteen or teenage daughters, I could use your advice.


For those who may not be raising one, here are ten signs of someone who is:

  1. She has stopped buying bottles of wine. She now buys them in cases.
  2. Her worry lines are now worry canyons.
  3. Her hair has gone from starting to turn gray to falling out entirely.
  4. Once intelligent, capable and successful, she is now unable to “get it” or “understand” and needs to just “forget it”.
  5. She knows “all about that bass”, the words to every Taylor Swift song, who Iggy Azalea is and has to explain that Aerosmith is not from “the olden days”.
  6. She has a newer version of the iPhone than her daughter, but she knows significantly less about its functionality.
  7. Though her husband still finds her “hot”, her daughter begs her to “please not wear that in public” because “OMG Mom, what if we see someone I know?”
  8. Negotiating multi-million dollar business transactions is a walk in the park compared to discussing why it’s not a good idea to dress like a tramp.
  9. All life experience and previously utilized systems of logic and rationale are now completely and utterly ineffective.
  10. She spends far too much time smacking herself in the forehead.


2 thoughts on “Ten Signs a Woman Is Raising a Preteen or Teenage Girl

  1. Scary post! Haha. My little girl is 4 months and I think I have some time to get prepared but having a little girl has added a lot of responsibility to being a dad. I feel like I know what I’m trying to do with my 4 year old son, but the only plan I have for my little girl is love her and hope I figure it out.

    1. Brad, that’s the only thing we can do, love them like crazy. I think that the best thing we can do for our kids is to make sure they know we love them. Other than that, we’re all just figuring it out as we go along!

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