Summer break. Increased wine consumption. Just a coincidence.

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Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, North Carolina


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Summer break starts now!

I love the idea of the entire summer stretched out before us. Swimming, picnics, farmer’s markets, road trips, beaches, fireworks, festivals, warm sunshine, and dripping watermelon. But…

It’s 10:39 a.m. on our second day of summer break and I’ve already had several conversations about screen time.

“I’m not, I know, I won’t, yep,” and yet her getting her off of her iPad requires surgical removal.

She’s watching endless re-runs of Dance Moms.

God help me.

I feel like a 12-year-old is in that strange place where they’re too young to get a job, but too old for Mom to entertain them much anymore. And God forbid she be SEEN anywhere with her parents! What if her friends found out she HAS parents??? Surely none of them have PARENTS?!

By the way, there is absolutely no coincidence between summer break and our kids being home with us all day, and this information about America’s Leading Wine Club. I’m just leaving this here because it’s a great deal. Gold Medal Wine Club



I don’t even plan to drink wine this summer. Not really. Not by the truckload anyway. The case maybe, I don’t need an intervention or anything.

Again, no correlation between the Gold Medal Wine Club and summer break. Just passing along deals when I see them.

If you need me, I won’t be drinking wine on patios all summer. Not on every patio, anyway.

Moms of preteens, what types of things are your kids doing this summer? Are you struggling to limit screen time now that they have more time on their hands? 

For the love of God, no more Dance Moms.


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