Spring Fashion and Reality

Spring fashion. We love it. It sucks us in after a cold, dark winter with its bright cheery colors and light-weight fabrics. We have visions of sipping cocktails on beaches wearing turquoise-colored bikinis, and laughing with friends around a backyard fire wearing the cutest sundress you have ever seen.

Every shop I go into this time of year I find myself plucking hanger after hanger off the racks, with the intent to buy EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE BECAUSE I LOVE IT ALL!

Until I hit the changing room and remember that I still have a cold, dark winter’s body.

Curse you movie nights, Netflix binge-watching, red wine and crock pot meals! I thought we were friends!

While I’m slowly brought back down to reality as I’m not able to zip, snap or button most of what I grabbed, in the size I wore last summer (did they change the sizing? maybe they changed the sizing, that has to be it…), I put everything back. Except the largest caftan swim cover-up I could find. That ought to do it.

There should be a holiday or something, some way of “making a fresh start”, or “a new year” so that we’d remember we only have three months until Spring and we can no longer hide under sweaters and we’d start dieting and exercising. I think I’ll run with that idea next year to see if it catches on.

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