Sometimes we ARE given more than we can handle. #prayforparis


As many of you know, I’m in the middle of NaBloPoMo right now (National Blog Posting Month), where we’re challenged to write a blog post each day for 30 days. Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer is a humor blog, however, in light of the attacks in France last night, today’s post will feature no humor, and no ads.


By fdecomite (Old French Flag Uploaded by tm) [CC BY 2.0
I remember having a conversation with my Mother years ago, wherein I was sharing with her how busy and stressed out I was feeling at the time. I don’t remember the circumstances specifically, but I remember half-heartedly reciting the old adage, “well, we’re not given more than we can handle. I’ll be fine.”

To which my Mother looked at me and said, “Yes, we are. Yes we are given more than we can handle. That’s why there are places like mental health facilities, because sometimes people are given more than they can handle.”

This is not to say that my Mother doesn’t have a great deal of faith, because she does. She is, however, pragmatic to say the least.

And as I’ve gotten older, I tend to agree. To hear someone tell you that “we’re never given more than we can handle” can be a real slap in the face.

Sure, we can handle a lot. For the most part, people are surprisingly resilient.

But – there are some things we simply cannot handle. 

I was diagnosed with cancer twice within three years. I don’t know how, but I handled it. My Mother was also diagnosed with cancer twice during those same few years. This I could not handle.

Sometimes we are given more than we can handle.

Today, is one of those days.

I, like most of the world, cannot fathom what brings people to unleash the terror that France is living through right now. My heart breaks for those who will never make sense of the loss of life; of the pain that will never heal.

In times such as these, we find ourselves looking for strength by coming together.

It’s okay to admit that we may be turning to a God we are simultaneously desperately needing and incredibly angry with.

It’s okay to admit that this is more than we can handle.


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