Quit Hating On Early Christmas Cheer

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It’s the day after Halloween, and some folks are already jumping in to the Christmas season with both feet.

For those of you who are irritated, I get it.

Sort of.

You’re ready to start arguing that we have “two months of Christmas now” and “I’ll be sick of it before it even gets here.”

I’ve already seen the haters on Facebook, dogging on your friends who have started to listen to Christmas music and put up a tree today.

Some people assume that the starting of Christmas festivities too early is somehow negating Thanksgiving; that Turkey Day won’t get it’s proper due should a fireplace mantle be decorated before the stuffing is served.

I’d like to offer another perspective on early Christmas.

For some, Christmas is the best time of the year. Decorating and shopping and baking and the general “making merry” is a time of year when they really come alive.

Christmas has, for many, always been a time of hope, of believing in things they can’t see, of believing that anything is possible. A time when they spend more of their time thinking of others than themselves.

Can you really blame a person for wanting to stretch out the feelings that come with Christmas a little longer?

Further, I’d like to understand how someone’s sparkly centerpiece is hurting anyone. What’s the harm?

In an age where we’re all asked to be more tolerant, inclusive, understanding, open-minded and accepting, why, for the love of all things holy, is there so much hate for those getting a jump on Christmas?

And who gets to be the judge?

If you already have your shopping done, your cards ordered and addressed, and put up your Christmas wreath as soon as the jack-o-lanterns came down today, I hope you don’t take the haters to heart.

Pour yourself some eggnog, and wear those ugly sweaters with pride, my friends.


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3 thoughts on “Quit Hating On Early Christmas Cheer

  1. I will be one of those niggling naysayers. I wonder how far the retailers will go to inch-Christmas further and further up the calendar until, like Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, it is year-round? Bah Humbug, I say.

  2. Is it OK to good-naturedly tease my Christmas-loving friends? I’ll confess to being slightly Scrooge-like about early Christmas for a few reasons:
    1.) My childhood memories of Christmas were not great.
    2.) I prefer my celebration of the holiday to be low-key, stress-free, and non-commercial, non-materialistic. (I don’t begrudge anyone their enthusiasm for shopping, decorating, writing/sending cards, and weeks worth of holiday baking. I just can’t participate to the same extent.) I do enjoy buying gifts for my nieces & nephews, I do enjoy meal-prep with laid-back family members, and I adore our family tradition of watching “Scrooge” and “White Christmas” together. However, if festivities get harried & stressful, I politely opt out.
    3.) It’s really when the Xmas *music* starts too early that I get irritated. I used to work in retail and having to listen to the songs for 40+ per week for 5+ weeks is cruel & unusual. I actually did an unbiased poll of our customers (including options for “All Xmas music, all the time!” and “None! Ever!”) and the majority preferred to wait until after December 1st before hearing it in the store.

    I’m perfectly content to let my friends be happy in their early yuletide excitement as long as I don’t get too much Christmas imposed on me before I’m ready for it. 🙂

    1. I never thought about it from the perspective of folks who work in retail. That would get old in a hurry! And I absolutely think that teasing in good fun is the only way we can discern who our real friends are 🙂

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