Please don’t lose your compassion.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


NaBloPoMo November 2015

Okay, y’all. I know this is two days in a row, but it still just doesn’t feel right to be writing humor posts in light of the situation in our world today. (Again, as yesterday, there will be no ads and no humor post on Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer.)

My heart is a little broken. And breaks further still, as I see so many who are ready to argue about what should be done, and how; who would prefer to accuse, point fingers, blame political parties, military strategies and presidential candidates. Who would rather mock and tease those who are showing solidarity with our foreign brothers and sisters, because they have a more intellectual perspective about what’s “really going on”.

Innocent lives have been lost, and sadly, more lives are yet to be claimed.

Men, women and children, just like you and me, were trying to live their day to day lives – working, shopping, dining out, laughing with friends, going to school, raising families, and in one moment were faced with the most terrorizing nightmare they could never have imagined.

For them, there will be no going back.

Please don’t lose sight of what has happened.

Please don’t lose your compassion for this tragedy and for what the world is facing.


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