No one plans to become a cat lady.

I’m an accidental cat lady.

My husband and I are dog people. We have three cats and a turtle. How do these things happen? The same way you wake up one morning and ask yourself how it is that you have a mullet. It just happens.

I bought my daughter our cat Beau when she was four. I thought it would be sweet for her to have a little buddy of her own.

This is Beau:

2014 039

Before you decide that Beau is super cute and adorable, take a look at how big he actually is:

2014 038

Beau is 18 pounds. He’s an 18 pound CAT.

So fine, we have a big giant fat cat. But then a couple of years later, I got re-married. To a guy who has 2  cats. He’s a dog person, but he travels out of state a lot during the week for work, so he got a cat since they can be left alone for a few days, and so that the cat wouldn’t be lonely, he bought two of them.

This is Harry and Lloyd:

2014 037

Oh, they’re so sweet, asleep on my daughter’s bed. How lovely, they just cuddle and snuggle, and they must be delightful.

Here they are again:

2011-2014 855

They took over my office chair. I get a lot of writing done this way. Do you see the cat hair all over my chair? It’s all over EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Luckily we’re neat freaks, so we don’t mind cleaning, but seriously? And these two are also huge. Lloyd, the small one, is over 14 pounds, Harry is over 16. If anyone’s doing the math, we have over 48 pounds of cat in our house.

Yeah. Who is ever planning to have that much cat? Nobody. Nobody does that.

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