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My book is FREE on Amazon for 5 days! Get yourself a copy!

My book is free on Amazon starting tomorrow, and running through Tuesday, August 25th!

If you haven’t yet read it, now is your chance to scoop up a copy for FREE!!!

I apologize for the shameless promotion, but this is the first time I’ve ever given my book away, and I’m crazy excited about it!


Free on Amazon from August 21-25th!

I feel strongly about the topics I cover in this book. This is a great SHORT read for mothers and/or daughters, especially if there are topics with regard to adolescence that you find difficult to discuss openly.

It’s funny, and did I mention SHORT? This was done purposefully, because getting some pre-teens to read a book at all is tough enough.

I wrote this book for my sweet child, and left my heart out there on the pages.


There she is, the “Grace” for whom the book was named…

If you do end up grabbing a copy of Dear Grace, I hope you don’t get your period in gym class, I’d love to hear what you thought of it! (Even if it’s scathing, it’s okay! My therapist can plan on repeat business for YEARS!) You can post your comments here on my blog, leave a review on Amazon, or send me an email at

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