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Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer is on The Huffington Post!

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It’s been hard to keep this a secret, but I found out a couple of weeks ago that I’d been approved as a Huffington Post Blogger!

This is pretty huge news for a blogger/writer. It makes me feel all grown up.
I’m totally kidding. (Validated – a little. Grown up – hardly.)


If you want to check out my first post, you can click on this link. (It was previously posted on Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer in April of this year).

I’d appreciate it ever so much if you would share it on social media. You can also “favorite” me on the Huffington Post. I’m hoping to build a large enough platform to one day change the world. Like Kanye.


huffington post blogger

Jessica Barrett is a Freelance Writer and Blogger. She is the author behind the blog Jessica She is a wife, mother, cancer survivor and wine enthusiast. Though a native of the midwest, she now makes her home just outside of Nashville, TN.
This is my legitimate HuffPo bio and head shot.



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