Mother’s Day – What I’d love to receive from my tween daughter.

Mother’s Day. The one day a year we get to cash in our “Mom Card” so that we can have and do whatever we want.


Some of us are using our Mom Card’s on things like, “everyone’s going to church”, or eating brunch somewhere that doesn’t have “value” or “combo” on the menu.


I love that we can choose to either make our spouses and children spend the entire day with us (which somehow feels a little like we’re punishing them), or make them stay as far away from us as possible. Either way, they’re not allowed to get offended, because it’s Mother’s Day.


One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was when my daughter was younger, and she’d make me coupons. Things like, “good for a free hug” or “a night off from the dishes”. I thought they were adorable. In fact, I’d still like to receive those coupons, only now that she’s a tween, I’d like them to look something like this:


  • One day free of me yelling that you did my laundry the wrong way.
  • One day free of me accusing you of hating me because you asked me to help out around the house.
  • One day free of me screaming about how ugly and fat I am.
  • One day free of me watching the worst television shows known to man. (Even just cutting Dance Moms …)
  • One weekend free of complaining that I’m bored but simultaneously hating all of your suggestions.
  • One day free of pretending I can’t hear you.
  • Permission to hug me in front of my friends. Good for one hug. Eye-rolling to be expected.
  • Getting through one meal you’ve cooked free of complaints and “icks”, “what is this”, “I’m not hungry” and “was it supposed to turn out like this?”.
  • One after school pick-up conversation free of “you just don’t understand at all, Mom.”
  • One shopping trip free of , “OMG, can you buy me everything I see, even though I know I will never wear it, not even once, ever.”


Moms, it’s the best job we’ll ever have. And infinitely the toughest. How will you be spending your Mother’s Day?



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – What I’d love to receive from my tween daughter.

  1. sooooo, what you’re saying is that I should seriously enjoy my 5 year old daughter, because she’s going to do this to me in a few years?! NOTED! 🙂
    I loved this post…and I hope that she does get you some super useful coupon, and gives her hormones a day off!!!

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