Meditation – Do you do it and why?

Serious question here, do you meditate? I’m sincerely interested in knowing if any of my readers do.

You know how you’ll keep seeing the same things, over and over again, in different places, and from different sources, but all with the same message?

I’m of the belief that these are signs we should pay attention to.

Lately, I continue to see and hear more about meditation.

If you read my blog, or know me at all, you know I’ve given meditation a shot several times, and could quite possibly be the worst meditator (is that a thing?) on the planet.  (It’s not a thing…)

So, why all the “signs” about meditation?

Probably because my brain runs at a gazillion miles per hour, and in so doing, I am less productive than I need to be, and tend to forget a lot of things.

Which brings me to THIS article: Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain .

I couldn’t sleep last night, because I HAVE NO IDEA WHY and so of course I read. These types of articles are fascinating to me. This particular scientist has studied the benefits of meditation, and evidently, our brains actually change physically, in as little as 8 weeks of meditation. She explains a whole host of benefits the brain receives, but the one that interested me the most, was that the portion of our brains that control our memory actually got larger.

Well, I am horrible at meditation, but I have to admit, it just might be worth working at because I would like to have one gigantic brain. I would especially like to remember things again.

I’m not kidding, y’all, it’s getting bad.

So, today’s blog post is a plea for help, really. I’m sincerely interested in knowing if any of my readers meditate, and if so, how regularly? Why do you meditate, how did you learn, and what benefits do you glean from it? Most importantly, what tips do you have for someone like myself who has a horrible time calming my mind?


4 thoughts on “Meditation – Do you do it and why?

  1. Meditation is a large part of the community I write for yet experiences are mixed. It’s definitely worth a try as a method of relaxation if nothing else.

    Lots of folks use it in the hopes of reaching enlightenment but to me having a goal while meditating kind of defeats the purpose.

    Try it and write about your experiences. I’d love to read it.

    Be well!

    1. “…but to me having a goal while meditating kind of defeats the purpose.” I love this! I never thought about that way. I’ll definitely give it a chance sometime again in the future. How do you make time for it in your daily schedule?

      1. lol… I only do it when I have insomnia. Other than that, I try to snatch moments during the day. Even if it’s one minute of focusing on the breath, I work it in. Who knows, maybe it’s cumulative! 😀

  2. I walk. I have no idea how to meditate or ever try to make my mind stop. I think we are just wired like that. If it works for you, let me know. Good luck !

    Cheryl Hansen

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