Measles and Vaccines, We Are All Doing the Best We Know How to Do

"Syringe Needle IV" by Psychonaught - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
“Syringe Needle IV” by Psychonaught – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

According to CNN (, the CDC has documented 102 cases of measles in January, causing a media frenzy and once again, dredging up the debate over whether or not to vaccinate.

We hear about this topic from time to time – do vaccines cause Autism, brain disorders, SIDS? Or does not vaccinating cause blindness, hearing loss and even preventable death?

There are stories upon stories, and because we’re human, we’ll believe the ones that resonate with us the most, or come from a source we personally trust. See this fantastic article by Carmine Gallo, posted by Forbes this morning with regard to the impact story telling has on the conversations we’re having about the recent measles outbreak (

I’m not a medical expert, so I have no hard and fast argument about the best choices to make, but what I would urge us all to consider is this:

  • We are all doing the best we know how to do. Parents make their vaccination decisions out of love. Everyone wants what’s best for their children, and we all truly believe that we’re doing the right thing. Lets give each other some grace.
  • Pointing fingers at those who decide differently from us isn’t helping anything. We can’t work toward solutions if we spend all of our time looking for someone to blame. Accept what we’re dealing with, then, move forward.
  • Our health and our children’s health is not political. Please don’t decide what you’ll do or not do because of what a political party supports.
  • Celebrities are not medical professionals. Be careful how much credence you give their opinions. Try not to value their perspective more than your neighbor’s just because they’re famous/attractive/wealthy. They’re just doing the best they know how to do, too.

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