Math. No.

I hate math. I’ve always hated math. I’m so bad at math that even math is like “you know what? You look like you’re in pain. I’m just going to balance your checkbook for you.” I was never so happy as when I finished the final exam of the last math class I would ever have to take in college, thanking God that I was done for the rest of my life. Then I became a parent.

The first few years of school weren’t too bad. I could handle the questions she had about her math homework from Kindergarten through about fourth grade. Fifth grade came and I scraped by. Now we’re in sixth grade, and my child is in Advanced Honors Math (she does NOT get this from me). When she has math homework questions these days, I stare at the problems thinking, “when did they start giving math homework in Mandarin? Isn’t it hard enough already?” I really wished I had paid more attention in math class as I was growing up. Thank goodness for Google.

It got me thinking, though. What other things should we have thought through a little more before we were parents? Yeah, those of you nodding your heads, I know what you did “back then” (I’m not here to judge). If you realized then that your life choices were going to matter when you became a parent, would you have done a few things differently? I think it’s hard to say because until you’re a parent, you can’t fathom how much you’re going to love those little creatures. And when you’re young, becoming a parent is a “maybe, someday, we’ll see, I think I might…” if you think of it at all.

There’s not much we can do about our past now, we just need to move forward being the best examples we can for our kids, being thankful that Facebook wasn’t around when we were young, and destroying any photographic evidence of college that they might stumble upon.


I need to get back to my day now, in which I will do no Algebra, as I haven’t for over 20 years (I knew I was right about stinkin’ Algebra).

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