Making a Case For a Wardrobe Capsule

If you haven’t yet heard of the wardrobe capsule trend that is catching on quickly, I highly recommend checking into it.

The basic concept is to pare down your clothes to only what you truly love; it fits well, makes you feel beautiful and it’s in great shape. Your closet should only contain what you want to wear RIGHT NOW. And just the basics. Not several of the same thing, only a few necessary pieces. If it doesn’t fall into that category, it’s got to go.

For more on this idea, check out, and read this post What is a wardrobe capsule, anyway?. In it, fashion blogger Caroline Rector explains her 37 piece wardrobe.

I’d heard a little about it over the last several months, and then last weekend I stopped in at a shopping event where my friend, the owner of Cecile and Sammy, was selling her amazing boutique fashion. This idea of a wardrobe capsule came up again as she and a colleague of hers were explaining the myriad reasons why it’s such a great concept.

“But what if I’m not going to go anywhere that day but the grocery store?” I complained. “Would I really need to look that good?”

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 I desperately want to have a reason to buy this outfit, and a place to wear it to…



What’s the matter with looking and feeling good to go to the grocery store?

It had never made sense to me until right then.

I have an enormous amount of what I call, “my mom uniform”. It’s pitiful really. I have long-sleeved fitted tees, some v-neck, some crew-neck, for the winter. I have short-sleeved fitted tees, mostly v-neck, for the summer. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I have AT LEAST 18-20 short-sleeved fitted v-neck tees in different colors. Mostly shades of green or blue. And then I have jeans or shorts to wear with my tees depending on the season.

Oh, I know how to party, people.

(Writer friends, you get me, right? We work from home a lot, hardly anyone sees us!)

But I get it now. Why look and feel just “okay” all the time? I’ve had lovely clothes throughout the years that I almost never wore, and eventually got rid of because they’d gone out of style. I should have worn lovely clothes, even on a regular old day.

I love the idea of having all the basics covered; every occasion, every day, but just what you need.


So, I started in on my closet. Let me show you the types of things taking up space in my life…




I don’t even want to talk about it.


Or how about this dandy?



I’ve had this probably five years. It’s worn thin and I’m not entirely sure of its original shade. I was wearing this the day my doctor told me they didn’t get all the cancer and I needed to go back in for a double mastectomy. I have horrible memories attached to this shirt because that day is seared into my brain so I never wear it. Why do I still own this shirt?????????????


So, this is where I’m at right now…



A work in progress. But it’s surprisingly easier to get rid of things than I expected. I’m nowhere near the point that I have a true wardrobe capsule, but I’m on my way. I’m amazed at how good it feels to lighten my load a little.


What about you? Any chance you’d consider doing a wardrobe capsule?


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4 thoughts on “Making a Case For a Wardrobe Capsule

  1. I don’t know how to dress myself. Sometimes I schedule a ‘fix’ from Stitch-Fix (do you know it?). The idea of a wardrobe capsule is very intriguing to me.
    I don’t really like kale but I’ll eat it if it’s mixed with lots of other things.

  2. 1. Very timely, just moved to a new home with micro-closets. I think they originated in the days before people grew very big…or wore more than five outfits.
    2. You had me at ‘hating kale’.

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