Life Advice – From Two Perspectives


Jessica and Grace
Jessica and Grace, offering life advice, and nailing the whole selfie thing.

My daughter, Grace, is home from school due to a snow day here in Nashville. In our quest to feign off boredom, I asked her to join me for today’s blog post. We decided it would be fun to examine some of life’s most commonly asked questions, and offer our advice. Because she is 12, and I am 40, our perspectives differ slightly. So, today we bring you:

Life Advice – From Two Perspectives

How do you know you like a guy?

Jessica – I’m still doing his laundry.

Grace – If he’s rich. J/K. If he treats you the right way.

What is the best way to let a boy know you like him?

Jessica – I’m 40, I don’t like boys, I like men. As I get older, even my tolerance for them is waning.

Grace – Tell your friends, then of course they’ll tell him.

How old should you be when you get married?

Jessica – Old enough to know that you have what it takes to put in the work marriage requires.

Grace – I don’t think there’s an age you should be. You should just make sure you want to spend your whole life with them.

What advice would you give married couples on how to make up after a fight?

Jessica – Give each other enough space and time to cool down. Then apologize. Don’t let “being right” get in the way of being happy.

Grace – Go buy your spouse some chocolate, they will feel much better.

Should parents kiss in front of their children?

Jessica – Absolutely. It’s a great way for kids to see examples of healthy, loving, trusting relationships. Minimally, it embarrasses their kids, and that’s always a good idea.

Grace – Heck to the NO! it’s disgraceful! 🙂

How should you decide what career to choose?

Jessica – Your gut will never lead you astray. Always choose whatever career aligns with your passion and natural talents. If you don’t, you’ll have too much regret later on.

Grace – If you’re stuck between what to choose, pick the one that pays the most.

What are some good ways to stay healthy?

Jessica – Your body will tell you what it needs, listen to it. Get plenty of rest, eliminate stress, drink water, eat right and exercise.

Grace – Exercise. Yes mom, exercise.

What is the best place for a family vacation?

Jessica – Anywhere that doesn’t involve standing in lines and crowds in the heat.

Grace – The beach.

At what age should women stop wearing mini skirts and bikinis?

Jessica – When they feel like they should. I don’t like hard and fast rules.

Grace – Women should stop at age 25!

What is the best age to retire? What should people do after they retire?

Jessica – When you have enough in your retirement account. Whatever you want, whenever you want to do it!

Grace – Retire at age 50. People should live at the beach when they retire.

Snow Day!
 S                                Snow Day!

We’re having fun on our snow day, and we hope you’re enjoying your day wherever you are. Please join in with your answers to our life advice questions, too. We’d love to hear them.

Also, please check out the short e-book Jessica wrote for Grace, you can download it for Kindle or Nook.

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