A Recipe For Entertaining Guests This Fall

This time of year is one of my favorites, and I know that’s true for many of you as well. The crisp air, changing colors, crock pot meals and warm fuzzy sweaters. One of the best things about Fall are the desserts. Pumpkin and Apple everything! So in that spirit, today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite fall recipes for entertaining.

Apple Crisp-Pumpkin Pie-Apple Pie-Pumpkin Roll-Cinnamon-Cranberry Thingy

Ingredients you will need:

  • Your Car
  • Money


  • Drive to nearest liquor store or wine shop (if you go to a wine “shoppe”, with the extra “p” and “e”, even better, it’s just that much classier).
  • Ask clerk to help you find the bottles of Riesling, Muscato, Port or Zinfandel. These pair well with the desserts you’ll be making.
  • Buy as many bottles as you will need for your guests. If family is coming, double the recipe.
  • Drive to nearest bakery.
  • Buy apple, pumpkin, cranberry, cinnamon laden desserts.
  • Bring home.
  • Put desserts on Autumnal inspired serving pieces to make them prettier (this may lead some to believe you baked them yourself. Don’t argue with them about it, it’s tacky).
  • Enjoy!

Happy Fall, everyone!

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