I’m owning Fall decorating. Try to keep up.

I have some of the most amazingly creative, crafty-fabulous, talented friends and family members. Now that Fall is here, and the holidays are around the corner, there are more than ample opportunities to showcase Pinterest inspired loveliness all over our homes. Well – maybe their homes. Let me show you the extent of my fall decorating skill set:


Super cute, right? A Ball jar, with chevron patterned burlap and twine. It’s earthy-hipster-festive-trendy; and it’s totally not mine. This belongs to a friend of mine, who probably made 2500 of them in her sleep one night. The autumnal themed potpourri inside of it is all me, however. I’m basically winning Autumn.

Oh, I did do one other thing:


I hung a wreath. I have limitless talent. 

Please try to contain your excitement as you wait several more weeks to see the magic of my Christmas decor.

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