I’ll relax when I’m dead. But maybe not even then.

This post was written a week ago. As you read this, I’m at the beach not doing anything, including writing, and hopefully haven’t checked my phone for days.

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These pictures were taken on a past beach vacation, not the vacation I’m on currently. I’m seriously doing absolutely nothing right now. 

My family and I like to travel, and we’ve made it a priority to always schedule our vacations well in advance so that we don’t let those opportunities slip by. It’s not just the traveling we love, though that’s a huge part of it, what we really love is giving ourselves permission to just “be”.

My husband, daughter and I are all terribly type A personalities. It can be good in some respects; the house is always clean and organized, we all have well attended to-do lists, we rarely lose things and we almost never miss deadlines or procrastinate.The bad things? Holy Moly, where do I start? We all struggle to sleep through the night without waking up to our brains yapping at us about what we need to get done. We all have a lot of anxious energy we need to find ways to burn off (my husband exercises, evidently that concept is lost on me and I choose to work my way through a bowl of raw cookie dough). We all move at about 110 miles an hour no matter where we’re going or what we’re doing. We have panic attacks about things that would make most normal people scratch their heads (my daughter has a very specific way she needs me to initial her school agenda every night). We’re trying to improve on all these neurotic, obsessive tendencies. Pray for us, people.

That being said, it’s imperative that we schedule time to get ourselves out of our routines so that we can relax, and try our best not to do much of anything. Every time we’re away, we discuss how we can better bring that perspective back home. How can we lighten up a little? Let things go? Not pay so much attention to things that are out-of-order, undone, messy, dirty, dusty, pending? Looking at the bigger picture,  a.) the things we worry about and give our attention to are largely insignificant and b.) we’re driving ourselves crazy and probably aging much faster than we need to be.

I look at folks who have a lot on their plates and still seem to be the coolest dudes, and I wonder what they have that I don’t. How do they run companies, have four kids and find time to get to the gym, all while being fun and level-headed and calm? I get that some people have “help”, but even if I did, I would still find a way to have my stomach in knots because I have no five-year plan right now!

So we go to the beach a few times a year; breathe, sleep, relax, lose our agendas, slow down, enjoy each other’s company, act silly, talk, listen. I want to bottle all of that up and take it home. I want to be those people all year-long. We’re working on it. In the meantime, share with me what you do to find peace in your normal life, in your every day. For those of you who are cool cats all the time, what is your philosophy or mindset that helps keep you from being too wound tight?

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