I Haven’t Peed Alone In Twelve Years

I love being a mother more than anything else I’ve ever done in my life. I’m quite sure that nothing else will come along to change that.

When I was pregnant with my daughter (I’m a mother of one), I thought a lot about taking care of a baby and a toddler. The preteen/teen years seemed like a lifetime away so I thought less about what that would be like.

Well, they’re here now. It wasn’t a lifetime away. I blinked.

I fulled expected a lot of the things that have come along; fashion and hair woes, the desperation to have a cell phone, crushes on boys. But I’ve found that motherhood has offered up some things I didn’t see coming.

I haven’t peed alone in twelve years.

I have nieces and a nephew who are older than my child, and lots of friends with children older than mine, so I knew all about not peeing alone once your kids can crawl their way to the bathroom door.

But now? Still?

I swear that my daughter has an automatic reflex to find me once she senses my bladder is full. Mom has to go? Perfect time to chat her up about what happened at school today. (I’m aware that we have probably have boundary issues if you’re already thinking that.)

Truth be told, I don’t mind. If that’s when I’ll get her undivided attention, I’ll take it. (Hence the lack of boundaries.)

Today, I really want to hear from you. What is it about being a parent that has surprised you, or that you didn’t see coming? Tweet me or leave a message here.

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5 thoughts on “I Haven’t Peed Alone In Twelve Years

  1. Jessica it gets more interesting once in High School. Our oldest is on National Honors Society, she is in four leadership groups. Many of the leadership groups she holds an office title. She has played 3 sports up until this year. Now she is in only 2. Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Track and basketball. So the world of college selection options is open to many great choice selections. She informed me that she has taken the military enterance exam and can go into any branch she selects. What??? The military??? Ok. I never saw that coming. Surprise to me. She may still change her mind but you never know what our children will do on there lifetime. It is definately a journey. Hope your Gracey has a wonderful one.

    They are all individual. You never know where their life will lead them. I totally understand the no boundaries thing. It has been 17 years for me and my children encroaching on privacy. Great Blog! So real.

    1. Sometimes I look at her and wonder, “who is this person?” I know she’s 12, but she seems like this really young adult who lives with us, but for some reason also wants to come to the bathroom with me.
      You should be proud of your daughter, wow! Natural born leader, she’s got the whole world at her fingertips right now. I’m excited to see the path she chooses. I’m not surprised that all of your girls are doing so well, you and John are amazing parents.

  2. Well mom, yes I do have that sense. I do not think that moms should have alone time! (Dads are a completely different story. ) But I love you, so I’ll try to stop walking in on you. Just kidding!!

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