Happy “let’s not do any labor we don’t have to” Labor Day.

I love Labor Day weekend. I love that our country decided to recognize labor unions years ago with a day off, so that we now have three days at the end of the summer to “not labor” (unless you’re in retail, health care, public service or hospitality, so thank you to anyone who is working this weekend). I, for one, usually have the best of intentions about how much I can cram into these long weekends. A mini-getaway vacation perhaps? Catch up on things around the house? Read a long novel? Dive into a fun, crafty, household project that my husband will inevitably end up having to finish because I am, in fact, not very crafty? Well, here’s the truth about where my unlimited potential, and extra time are being spent so far this weekend:

It’s Saturday, 2:26 in the afternoon. I got up at 10:00, finally showered at around 12:30, and now I’m in my office writing. Yes, I would say that at this pace, I’m about to cure disease and suffering and solve world peace by around 5:00.

Below are some photos of my garden. This was on my list of something to actually “labor” over this weekend. And by “labor” I mean either “pull it out and start over next year” or, “harvest something out of that mess for the love of God”. Every summer I plant a garden and too many flowers all around our yard. I have the best of intentions, but by mid-July I’m inevitably “over it”.

photo 4photo 3photo 2photo 1

If you’ll look closely, I have about 65 billion grape tomatoes I haven’t picked. The likelihood of my picking them now seems slim. I also have overgrown lettuce that I’m sure tastes like heaven. If heaven tastes like crap. And there are carrots and onions planted in that garden. No joke there really are, I planted them with the intent to freeze them for the winter. I’m sure I could find them if I looked hard enough. Guess where I’m probably going to get my carrots and onions this winter? Kroger. I’ll get them from Kroger.

Friends, I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! What fun do you have planned?



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