Hair Salon Hangover

Ladies, am I right when I say that our stylists are like family to us? My husband’s reaction to what I pay is, “are you serious? What exactly does she do for you?”, and mine is, “what do you mean? I would give her my kidney if that’s what she charged”.

Admittedly, my hair only looks good every other month, for one day (so roughly 6-7 times per year depending on how I space out my appointments). Last week I went to the salon and asked that we try something new. I have really naturally curly hair, and so does the pretty blonde woman, Kimberly, in the country band Little Big Town. So in a moment of feeling extraordinarily sassy, I asked that we change my style to one similar to hers, but less “I’m a famous country star” because let’s face it, I can’t pull that off when I’m really more of a famous rock star.

For a few glorious hours before bed that night, I was smokin’ hot (you’ll have to take my word for it because I didn’t take any pictures). The next day, however, as inevitably happens, I had to go through the “day-after-the-salon-appointment hair hangover”. When I tried to do my hair myself, it ended up looking like I gave a horrible perm to a Halloween costume wig.


I have no idea what stylists do to make us feel so great. Is it the hair fabulousness alone? Or is it some combination of pampering, amateur psychology and local gossip that leaves us feeling like we’ve just been to a great therapist wearing really hip clothes? I’ll never know, but for some reason, it feels like it’s totally worth it.

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