Date Night

Five Ways to Shake Up Date Night in Your 40’s

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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Date night just isn’t the same as it was when you were younger and first dating your spouse. And that’s okay.

We do, however, still enjoy date night, and I think that most couples would agree, dating is an important component of a happy marriage.

It’s common to fall into date night slump as we get older. While we’re raising children, managing demanding careers, keeping our houses in order, our date night activities can start to reflect just another routine.

Date night is definitely something we look forward to, but getting creative about what it’ll look like after all those years together can be tricky. That is why I’ve come up with 5 Ways to Shake Up Date Night in Your 40’s:

  1. Get TWO movies at Redbox – I know. This seems crazy, and right now you’re like, “Jess, that’s insane! There’s no way we could watch two movies in one night!” I think you owe it to not only each other, but yourselves, to reach deep down inside and find that party animal you once were.
  2. Try something different on the menu. – This can seem like an extreme reach outside of your comfort zone, but I’m a firm believer in “you only live once.” It’s not like I suggested trying an entirely new restaurant you’ve never been to before. I’m not insane.
  3. Stay out until 11:00 pm. – What? I know, but studies have shown (not like I’m going to research this or anything…) that partners find one another more attractive when they see their “wild side”. I mean – what’s crazier than staying up until 11:00???
  4. This ones for you, ladies. Put on something sexy for bed. And by sexy, I mean, pick out a t-shirt that’s less than 3 years old. That should put the spark back where it belongs.
  5. Talk about something other than work or kids over dinner. There is so much more to both of you than just parenting and your career. Some suggestions would be things like…um…er….hang on… (Okay, if anyone has a suggestion, please message me with it.)


Well, it’s Friday. I hope this list helps you get a little crazy this weekend. Here’s to you crazy kids getting out and enjoying yourselves.

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