Evidently, Starbucks has declared war on gingers.



NaBloPoMo November 2015

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This morning I went to get a Starbucks after dropping my daughter off at school. When pulling up to the line in the drive-thru, I realized that the car in front of me was a very close friend of mine. Once I got her attention, we waved to one another and she pulled forward to collect her order.

After getting her beverage in the red cup (clearly designed by Satan’s spawn), she drove away, and I pulled up to the window. I already had my money ready, $3.02, because I order the same thing every time, from the same Starbucks almost every time, and it’s always $3.02.

Except that she wouldn’t take my money.

Because my beautiful friend had paid for my order! (Which was handed to me in a cup the color of anti-Christmas.)

I was so blown over by such a thoughtful gesture, that it flustered me for a second. Once I collected myself, I in turn, paid for the customer behind me.

It set the tone for what turned out to be an absolutely fantastic day.

Until it hit me.

People are “paying it forward”. People are loving on friends and strangers alike. People are being generous and kind, with no expectation of anything in return. How can this possibly be happening? Especially when the Bible clearly states that “they will know we are Christians by the color and design of our franchise coffee cups.”

In a completely unrelated story. Today is National Redhead Day. I, for one, am outraged that Starbucks wasn’t handing out orange cups.


Evidently, Starbucks has declared war on gingers.



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