Eating Kale Feels Like I Hate Myself

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Any of my close friends would be able to testify to the fact that I’m always just ending or about to start some kind of health kick. Either a specific diet, cleanse, or naturo-organic-sustainable-vegan-green-local-farm-to-table-hippie-tastes-like-hay-type-of-thing.

The problem I have is that I don’t typically stick with any of it long enough to make the changes 100% permanent. I’ll convince my husband that we’re going to do something like a 21 day cleanse, and he’s always game for it (except for one year I’d forgotten about NFL playoff season and asked him to do a cleanse during that time that involved giving up alcohol. He was super excited about that.). So we’ll do great during the time frame we’re committing to, but as soon as it’s over, we slowly migrate back to frozen pizza.

I know that eating great and working out are some of the most important ways we need to be taking care of ourselves, but eating kale feels like I hate myself, and exercising makes me wish I were dead.

Some of you are thinking, “it’s a lifestyle choice, it’s not a fad. Stop doing the 21 or 30 day plans,” and I know that you’re right. The problem I find that we have is that we’ll do great for weeks, even months sometimes, but them someone will have a party, or we’ll go on vacation and we’ll treat ourselves to something. Then a few days later, it’s easier to treat ourselves again. Before I know it I’m climbing inside my desk drawer devouring my hidden chocolate stash like it’s the Armageddon (I guess they’re not really “hidden” if my family knows all about my hiding place).

What are all of you doing to make healthy lifestyle choices permanent? And does anyone have recipes that make kale taste like melted cheddar?

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