Do you have your appointment scheduled?

I promised myself I wouldn’t inundate my readers with stories about my journey with breast cancer, especially every October. So I won’t. However, because we’re nearing the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I just want to take one more opportunity to remind you that if you’re over 40 and haven’t had a mammogram (or you have but you’re due for one again), or any age and haven’t had your annual “poke and peek”, make your appointment right away. Please don’t put it off because you’re too busy. Trust me, I’m no different from the rest of America when I say I’m guilty of using the false, ridiculous “I’m too busy” badge of honor to justify my own over-scheduled neurosis. Everyone is too busy to have a cold, smell the roses, pursue a hobby, sleep well, email an old friend, and especially have cancer. Being busy doesn’t exempt you from squat.

Take care of yourself. Remind your friends, sisters, wives, girlfriends and daughters to schedule their visit.


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