Christmas to-do list

Christmas To-Do List

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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Christmas is never like it is in the movies. I mean, obviously.

But, it’s not even remotely close. I’ve never in my life had a chiseled man in a plaid shirt bring a cartload of wood in to my fireplace after meeting in a moment of serendipity, in a small village I’d never heard of but stumbled upon because I needed to learn some huge life lesson that will miraculously change me by Christmas Eve.

Oddly enough, this has never happened to any of my friends either.

What’s even more bothersome about Christmas movies is that these beautiful people can get ready for the holidays in a snap. Somehow presents (except that really, really special one they desperately need and wait until the stores are about to close on Christmas Eve to go get the very last one that just happens to be, thank goodness, in the back store-room and had been overlooked until right then), decorations, meals, parties, cards and traveling, all come together seamlessly. And then of course everyone goes caroling.

Here in the real world, I have always thought that it would be so lovely to spend December relaxing a little, if I could just get my act together. So, every year, I vow to get a jump-start on my Christmas to-do list so that December can be a little less stressful. I always plan to spend October and November shopping, ordering things online, scheduling fun activities, baking, and planning for holiday travel.

As you can guess, it never quite turns out that way and I’m inevitably running frantic at the last-minute, battling crowds, traffic, and the clock.

I’ve always envied those people who have their shopping done in July, and spend December drinking eggnog while watching Hallmark.

I know that woman is inside of me somewhere.


So I’ve decided that THIS will be my year. THIS is the year I, too, am going to be watching low-budget Christmas movies, eating cookies and drinking mulled wine while everyone else runs around the mall tearing their hair out if they need to.

For me, the to-do list is a must. It’s a fool-proof way to keep me on track. It works for everything. It’s how I’ve amassed my fortune (that you didn’t know about because I’m awesome at hiding stuff…).


I’m tracking my progress, and here’s what I’ve done so far:

October Christmas To-Do List Accomplishments

  1. 0

Okay, I had the best of intentions, so I’m still going to call this a win.


November Christmas To-Do List Accomplishments

  1. Order Christmas cards








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