Charleston, Our Hearts are With You #1000Speak on Compassion

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My post today will be short, as I’m (surprisingly, for once…) at a loss for words.

Charleston, South Carolina is far and away one of my favorite cities. I love their rich history, their culture, the vibrancy and beauty of their architecture. I love the beautiful water, the amazing food, but most of all, the spirit and warmth of their people.

I am absolutely heartbroken by the news of the shooting that took place in an Episcopal church last night, claiming 9 of Charleston’s own.

The media was immediately abuzz this morning with finger-pointing, over-arching solutions, political arguments, agendas, and flat-out hatred. It was also abuzz with surprising compassion, heart-felt prayers and love.

Instead if immediately chiming in with “we should all have guns” or “no one should have guns” and so forth…let’s grieve.

More than 200 citizens of Charleston gathered today outside the church where the shooting took place to sing Amazing Grace. That sounds like a good place to start to me.




2 thoughts on “Charleston, Our Hearts are With You #1000Speak on Compassion

  1. I wish more people would show compassion first when a story breaks. Let the grief process play out more than a few hours before the finger pointing. I hate how quickly the finger pointing starts and how outrageous some of the things said are with no thought to grieving families.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    You are so totally right! We should be mourning the dead and supporting the families athey last behind, instead of getting caught up in the blame and what if games!

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