Meet Jessica


My Story

I’ve learned a whole lot on this journey we call life.

At age 30, I found myself a divorced single parent, barely making ends meet. Already in debt, I racked up even more debt trying to survive without having the right tools and resources to figure out how.

A few years later, I remarried and (along with my husband) began my journey of learning how to make money work for me and becoming debt free, along with establishing discipline and routine around all areas of my life. After doing just that and feeling like life was really on an upward swing, I found myself with a positive cancer diagnosis.

Two short years later, I found myself diagnosed again, this time with a different type of cancer (I always say, go big or go home). I decided that life was entirely too short, and I was finding out the hard way. I had no more time to waste and knew that if I was going to seriously pursue any of my goals and dreams, I needed to get started, whether or not I felt ready.

A year before my 40th birthday, I quit my corporate job and began to pursue my love of writing, which is how this blog was born.


What is this blog about?

Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer is here to teach you how to organize your spaces and your time. You’ll learn how to create or follow processes and systems that focus on having less clutter, while becoming more fully yourself. You’ll learn how to say “no” to purchases and commitments that don’t support your goals. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to retrain yourself to think in a way that best serves you.

I’m a Certified Professional Organizer and while I admittedly have a fair amount of OCD, perfection is NOT what we’re striving for! You’ll hear a lot about simplifying, minimizing (not tiny house minimizing, although if that’s you, get down with your bad self!), maximizing and organizing, but remember, we’re NOT looking to keep up with Mrs. Jones!


Why Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer?

Because that woman needs to step back! She’s doing it all wrong and we’ve all bought into it. It’s time to grab a beer (or a martini, or a cocktail … I’m a wine girl myself…) and LET GO.


I sincerely appreciate you stopping by. I’m excited to see where we’ll go from here!



7 thoughts on “Meet Jessica

  1. So glad to have found you via #1000Speak. I too believe in vulnerability and being perfectly imperfect, authentic, and enough. Do you by chance read or follow Brene Brown? She’s been my inspiration for this new awareness in me in the last couple of years. Looking forward to following!

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