9 Ways To Make Spending the Holidays With Family Truly Magical

In case you missed my incredibly helpful post about how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving, I thought I’d provide a new one for all of the festivities you’ll be partaking in throughout the rest of this month. This post is particularly helpful for those of us spending the holidays with family.

Here are 9 suggestions for how to make the time with your family truly magical this year:

1. Fruit Cake – there’s something about giving someone a fruit cake that says, “I love you so much,” in a way that nothing else can.

2. Bring your cats with you when you go to Grandma’s. No one will tell you this, but everyone is secretly wishing you would.

3. Now is the time to get serious about working out if we want to be in shape by the time warm weather hits. Be sure to remind your relatives of this. Especially the ones who look like they really need it.

4. Suggest to your family that instead of exchanging gifts, you exchange hugs. Teenagers especially love this idea.

5. Consider forming a sharing circle where you tell one another how you really feel.

6. Remember to keep table talk “light” – no one likes heated discussions at the holidays. If you didn’t like my conversation starters for Thanksgiving, here are some new ones you can try out for Christmas:

  • So, why is everyone making such a big deal about this Ray Rice thing?
  • Don’t you wish they’d add another Kardashian reality show?
  • Anyone have any ideas about taking down the Illuminati?

7. If you don’t have any of those flavored coffee creamers left over from Thanksgiving, consider buying these:

  • Jack Daniels Single Barrel
  • Evan Williams
  • Early Times
  • Kentucky Gentleman

8. Don’t neglect your cousins new baby. Show you care by asking whether or not that kid’s head is supposed to be so enormous for his age. You make people feel special when you ask about their children.

9. Play a friendly game of “I Remember When”. Everyone in the family takes turns reminiscing about the past. Some examples are, “Mom, I remember when you repeatedly told me how fat I was as a teenager and completely destroyed my self-esteem”, or “Dad, I remember when you told me I would never amount to anything and to this day I still talk to my therapist about it “.

Wishing you all a magical holiday season!






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