9 Signs You’re Ready For a New Job in 2015

The end of the calendar year is nearing, which means in a few more weeks we’ll be inundated with ideas about how to make New Year’s resolutions stick and what a great deal we can get at the gym we’ll most likely end up going to twice (is that just me?).

It’s natural to look forward to a new year and think about some changes you’d like to make –  perhaps set some goals. I love the blank slate of that fresh calendar, full of possibility.

Some people look upon the new year with intentions of looking for a different job, or making a career change entirely. That can be scary – how do you know if you’re ready to make a change?

To assist you in that process, here are 9 signs that you may be ready for a new job in 2015:

1. When your alarm goes off in the morning you start praying for the zombie apocalypse.

2. News of a natural disaster in another part of the world breaks – you’re disappointed it isn’t hitting your office.

3. Prison sounds like a better alternative –  no MS Outlook, no meetings and you could catch up on your sleep.

4. Speaking of prison – what’s the difference between a cell and an office cubicle? I’m asking for a friend.

5. You’re tempted to stab yourself in the eyes with office supplies from your desk drawer to relieve the pain.

6. On your morning commute, you get jealous of the guy who just got in an accident and is being hauled off in an ambulance because he’s probably getting the day off.

7. Almost any other job in the world sounds better than yours. Seriously. Anything.

8. You wonder where these “standards” came from that prevented you from just finding a sugar daddy/mama instead. You suspect it was your parents. You curse your parents. A lot.

9. You have lost the will to live.


Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons

I hope this post has been helpful for your 2015 career planning. Please let me know of any signs I have missed.

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