9 Signs Adulthood is Not For You

We all have those days – rolling out of bed is actually painful, as is the sight of your boss in the morning. Your kids are whining, everything in the house is falling apart, and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Adulthood can be tough, but for most of us, we have more good days than bad. However, for some, becoming an adult is just too much (we know these people, we’re related to these people…).

So, how do you know if you’re ready for adulthood or not? How do you know if you’ve got what it takes? I decided to make a check list.

Here are 9 Signs  Adulthood is Not For You:

  1. The very idea of having to go in to the office makes you curl up in the fetal position.
  2. You’re completely comfortable with never learning how to wash your own clothing.
  3. Cooking a frozen meal in a microwave makes you feel like Anton Brown.
  4. Regular hair cuts are for suckers.
  5. Plants, pets and children cannot be expected to survive in your care.
  6. The last time you read a book was never.
  7. Showering daily is exhausting.
  8. You know about bills, you just aren’t sure when they’re due and why those late notices need to be so hostile.
  9. Living with your mother is “awesome”.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. Tell me what you’re up to today.

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