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5 Blog Recommendations from Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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I decided to spread a little love today!

As you can (hopefully) tell, I love blogging, but I also really love reading other blogs. I have a few that I look forward to getting new posts from all the time.

I sort of have a range of favorites; some funny, some serious, some spiritual, some business related/writer blogs.

Today, I wanted to share some with you that are similar to Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer in that they focus on embracing the imperfect side of life, of ourselves, and of one another. Each of these blogs is very unique in their own way, and I’d encourage you to check them out. You won’t be disappointed. (I am not being endorsed for this list).


5 Blog Recommendations from Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer

The Nesting Place   

This blog is all about loving the home you have, with what you already have. Myquillin Smith, the blogs author, is brilliantly creative, and she has great tips and tricks for decorating your house with what you own. She shows you how to re-purpose things to make them new again. I get lost in all the great photography, and her ideas and writing are both understated and elegant. It’s like someone is helping you with all those things you pin on Pinterest that you think you’ll make time for one day. You’re going to love this site!

Jen Hatmaker

You may already know who Jen Hatmaker is. She’s the author of like a thousand successful books, and she also did a home renovation series on HGTV with her husband and their five children called My Big Family Renovation. She and I are BFF’s, which she doesn’t know about yet, but only because she’s so busy. She is absolutely hilarious. Seriously, go follow her blog, or at least follow her on Facebook because she will have you laughing so hard you will pee a little.

The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson is the author behind The Bloggess. She is currently out on book tour for her recent book, Furiously Happy, which I reviewed a few posts back. This blog is not for the easily offended; she has colorful humor. But if you don’t take things too seriously, she’s really very funny, and from time to time will also blog a little about some serious topics like mental illness and her giant metal chicken, Beyonce’.

One Funny Motha

This is a seriously great Mommy blog. It’s written by a freelance writer, so the quality is very good. She doesn’t even pretend to be perfect. It’s so honest and so refreshing, you’re going to want to check her out.

Modern Mommy Madness 

This is another Mommy blog, again by a freelance writer, Harmony Hobbs, and again, someone who isn’t trying to be something they aren’t. Her writing style is so clean, and she’s a great storyteller. You’ll find yourself sort of camping out on her blog for a while and start to feel like you know her. Definitely worth your time.


So, blog lovers, tell me who you love to read! I’m always on the hunt for someone new, especially humor bloggers, or home reno bloggers (not that I have any home reno skills, but it could happen…). Oh, and I also love food bloggers! (I so wish I could be one of them!)


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