Message to a Fractured Nation

The current state of our world makes it hard for someone who writes a (mostly) humor blog. The recent violence in our nation, coupled with the constant barrage of every new way our presidential candidates are embarrassing us in front of the international community as our “best and brightest”, along with natural disasters, makes it tough to feel like lightening the mood is appropriate.

So I haven’t blogged in a little while, and I’ve missed it. I’ve missed you.

I’m beginning to feel like our fractured nation is on a downward spiral we’ll never come back from. I simultaneously know this is not true.

It’s easy to understand how and why we’re all exhausted right now. It’s too much. Too much anger, too much violence, too much fear, too much doubt, too much distrust, too much blame, too much pain, too much horror, and too much hopelessness.

We don’t know where to turn. We can’t agree on solutions. We feel alone, we feel scared, we feel misunderstood. We don’t feel heard, we don’t feel safe, we don’t feel cared about.

There are theories, and conspiracy theories, and theories about conspiracy theories. There are myriad news outlets, none of which tells us anything hopeful, much of which we don’t believe, and most of which we’re burned out on.

On top of the state of our world, on the personal side, all kinds of “life” just keeps happening in terms of unexpected expenses, and I’m having panic attacks about ending up having to work in one of  Donald Trump’s hotels just to keep my lights on, or worse, on Hillary Clinton’s ethics committee.

When tragic things happen, I feel them very deeply, but I bounce back. I’m always encouraged by the spirit of this great country, and the fact that we always find a way to come back. Lately, I’m feeling more discouraged by our separateness, by our divisiveness. I worry that we will never find our way back to one another. I worry that we’ll stop listening to one another completely.

I want to stop worrying. I want to find joy again. I want to make my way back to hope.

I want that for all of us.

I want to laugh, and I want you to laugh.


Here’s a picture of me with Elvis on Route 66:


If that doesn’t make you laugh, I totally get it. Maybe you hate Elvis. Maybe you hate Route 66. Maybe you hate bloggers (in which case you’re in the wrong place). You probably need cookie dough.


If you eat cookie dough, and you still don’t feel better, try this:

raising teen girls
Photo by Davide Restivo from Lenzburg, Aarau, Switzerland (A glass of wine) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cheers, my friends. Please, let us not stop listening to one another.

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