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I always want to be sure that I’m passing along advice that will leave you encouraged, engaged and inspired.

I love searching for great information and tips that I can share with you out here. Which is the reason why today, I am introducing you to Jen Moff.

Jen Moff

Jen is one of those people you just KNOW you’ve known your whole life, even though you technically met five minutes ago. She is a coach, speaker, healer, mentor, and writer, working primarily with female solopreneurs and small business owners (but don’t worry guys, she’s got you covered, too). She specializes in teaching about conscious relationships and guiding women toward SOULutions so that they can speak their truth and live from the heart.
Jen’s approach is rooted in the practice of mindfulness. When interviewing her for this piece, she explained that mindfulness is the non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. That was huge for me! I’d never really understood mindfulness in such a clear and simple way.
Jessica Barrett Halcom: How did you get to a place where you wanted to work with people on healing their relationships?
Jen Moff: I felt like something was missing. I spent years working in a corporate career as a manager and the companies I worked for never seemed to actually care about their employees. As a manager, I was over compensating; trying to care for people, help them know that they mattered beyond money. During my last corporate position, I went through a lot of training on leadership development and this was when I felt certain about moving on to the work I’m doing now.
I realized that there was a “hole” that needed to be filled. Not only was there something lacking in the way people were feeling about their work, but there were issues with relationships; romantic, personal, professional, that affected and spilled out into all facets of life. I knew first hand about being in unhealthy relationships, and in my quest to find resources to help myself, I found that what I was looking for really wasn’t out there. I knew that something needed to be healed with the way women looked at themselves.
JBH: How did you intend for your business to look initially?
JM: It started out as a book idea. I was going to write a book. But it quickly and organically manifested into coaching. Now, I’m a Certified Relationship Specialist, helping women learn about self-respect. One of my favorite mantras is, “I have healthy boundaries for my benefit and for yours” – it’s not about being selfish, it’s about understanding the value of respect. If we say “yes” to everything, or “no” to everything, we lose value. Personal freedom comes from having healthy boundaries. This is something I feel passionate about teaching people.
Jen Moff
JBH: There is no way someone would do the work you do, willingly so, and with so much passion, if they hadn’t been through the trenches themselves. The kind of trenches that leave a mark. Would you still go back and relive those bad relationships if you had to do it all over again?
JM: I have had a couple of painful, unhealthy relationships that I would still go back and have, even if given the option of a “do over”, because of the wisdom I’ve gained. Because of them I have more peace, live more authentically, have a freedom I wouldn’t have known, and find it easier to forgive people. I now see people I have had to forgive as my teachers.
JBH: What do you find most rewarding about the work you do?
JM: When people start looking at things differently, and start getting the outcomes they want.
JBH: How does someone get to a place where they would work with a coach like you, or know that they’re ready to?
JM: I work with clients who are already aware, they’re on the path of growth, and they’re ready to sign up to do the work. If you’re still hanging out in a place of victim mentality, you’re probably not ready.
JBH: What’s the biggest misunderstanding about you or your business?
JM: A common misunderstanding about me is that because I’m funny, sassy and silly, sometimes people don’t always see my deep side; that I’m a safe place.
Jen Moff

I’ll tell you first hand that she is all of those things. Sassy, silly, smart and very deep. I went through a guided meditation with Jen recently (it completely changed everything I thought I knew about meditation) and thoroughly enjoyed both laughing and getting down to business.

What’s next for this extraordinary human? She’s got a book coming out soon, so you’ll want to stay tuned for that. She will continue to serve her clients and grow her business, and though she tries to stay in the moment rather than spending too much time thinking about her future, she describes herself as maybe becoming Oprah, Brene‘ Brown and Jenny McCarthy all rolled into one. (I personally hope that means she’ll have lots of self-improvement books and a funny talk show, but we’ll see what she thinks).

I wanted to share this off of her website so that you can gain a better understanding of the types of things she explores with her clients:

  • How many pairs of tap dancing shoes have you gone through when walking on eggshells around family, friends, and coworkers?
  • What is it about your dream or passion project, along with your personal life, that feels impossible?
  • Do you wish you had a secret, safe, magical place where you can explore spiritual and emotional work without feeling judged?

If you’re interested in learning more about Jen, or want to consider working with her, visit her website at You can also check her out on Facebook and  Pinterest.


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