Beauty is more than skin deep. Literally.

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So, I thought that the whole “word for the year” thing was a tired cliché before it ever even began. I promised that I would never be caught doing that just because everyone else was doing it. It was just one of those trendy things I never saw any point in.

My word for this year is CLEAR.

As I get older, I find myself craving simplification. I find that I want to pare down, calm down, quiet down. I want to listen more than I speak. I want to own less. I want to quit saying “I’m just so busy” like it’s some standard way of life we’ve all just bought in to. I want to be present. I want to let go of the fear and anxiety that come with worrying about the future all the time.

I didn’t have a great road map for steering myself toward what I was feeling I needed, so I started ever so slowly researching the changes I wanted to make. Food, exercise, career options, boundary setting, controlling my thoughts, daily habits and de-cluttering.

One of the biggest things I knew I needed to focus on with regard to health, outside of nourishing, simple, whole foods, and regular exercise, was my skin care.

Our skin is our largest organ, and as I started to learn more about what we put into our bodies, it became incredibly apparent to me that our skin acts as a sort of sponge, absorbing everything we put on it, and a whole heck of a lot of what we don’t.

We expose ourselves to so much, simply because we exist on this planet. The chemicals in the air, on our clothes, on our bedding, furniture, car seats, contain a toxin overload our bodies are constantly battling. But our bodies also have to combat the products we put directly on our skin, even those that we are sometimes led to believe are good for us.

Think of the nourishing types of foods we put into our bodies; green veggies, fresh fruits, lean meats. It’s like giving ourselves premium fuel. Our skin needs the same thing. We need to be careful that we’re not putting chemicals on our skin (which are absorbed in 30 seconds) that our bodies have to fight off, and sometimes can’t.

One of things that scares me a little, are those products that act as a hormone disruptor. If you’d like to learn more about what they are, and how they’re harmful to our sensitive systems, check this out. 

Here in the United States, there are thousands of products manufactured with chemicals which are banned in Europe. Currently, there are over 1,100 chemicals banned from cosmetics in the EU. In America? Eleven. 

I want to fight aging as much as the next woman. (In my quest to simplify, I haven’t found a way to make myself less vain.) However, I do want to find a way to take great care of my skin, and wear cosmetics that I can feel good about.

I’ve discovered a skin care company that you’ll want to check out if you haven’t heard of it already. BeautycounterKris Carr has talked about it on her blog as well (and if you’re not already following her, she’s seriously amazing, and a total pro on all things health related). I’ve included links to a few of her books if you’re interested.




The mission at Beautycounter is pretty impressive. The founder of this company was after one thing; finding the truth. She didn’t set out to get rich, she set out to do something important. I’m always impressed by that, and honestly, to hear the story of how this business started is really refreshing. And so simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about Beautycounter products, check out this link. This article is another great read if you want to educate yourself on what you’re putting on your skin and in your body. And if you have a word for 2016, I seriously want to hear it! I want to know what it is and how/why you chose it.



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